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Safety Videos

This is a collection of video sourced from various website and other resources collected in one spot and organized to provide the viewer a quick reference for arc flash and safety information.  Check back often for updates to this video library.

Arc Flash Testing Video

Arc Flash Testing Overview

Arc Flash Testing 480V 30A Disconnect – 4.0cal/cm2

Arc Flash Testing 480V 200A Disconnect – Cotton 8.4cal/cm2

Arc Flash Testing 480V 200A Disconnect – Poly/Cotton 10cal/cm2

Arc Flash Testing 480V 200A Disconnect – INDURA Ultra Soft 7.4cal/cm2

Arc Flash Testing 480V 100A Disconnect – INDURA Ultra Soft 10.4cal/cm2

Arc Flash Testing 480V 100A Disconnect – Poly/Cotton 8.0cal/cm2

Arc Flash Testing 480V Motor Control Center – INDURA Ultra Soft 35.4cal/cm2

Ultra Slow Motion Arc Flash 480V


Personal Protective Equipment Video

Electrical Glove Care and Inspection

How It’s Made – Fire/Heat Resistant Clothing


Electrical Safety Video

OSHA’s David Wallis Comments on NFPA 70E

Electrical Safety Awareness for Non-Electrical Workers

Electrical Arc Flash Demonstration


Electrical Measurement Safety

Arc Flash Safety Boundaries

Electrical Accidents

Arc Flash Accidents Video

Arc Flash Accident – Eddie Adams Fatality

Arc Flash Accident – Cudahy, Wisconsin

Arc Flash Accident – EcoPetrol in Columbia

Arc Flash Accident – 440V Fuse Explosion

Arc Flash Accident – Donnie’s Arc Flash Story

Crazy Sub Station Electrical Arc In Russia

Lock Out/Tag Out

Lockout Tagout Training


Electrical Anomalies Video

Electrical Arcing

Electrical Tracking

Electrical Corona

Entertainment Videos

Safety Rap

Thank God You’re Here…
Work Place Safety has Arrived

Dumb Ways to Die

Allen Bradley
Retro Entabulator

Safety Meeting Opener

Facility Results is always on the lookout for top quality arc flash and safety videos to add to our video library. Please contact us if you would like to suggest a video submission to our library.