Three Profit Eaters for Arc Flash Contractors

As an arc flash contractor, I have experienced three inherent problems when conducting an arc flash analysis that can cost you profits on your job. You can learn from my experience – watch out for these three profit eaters!

Complete data collection

When you quote a job you try to estimate how many “points” you can collect in an hour, day or week so that you can formulate a quote for the data collection project. But, did you add in a return trip to get the few values for the transformer, wire and disconnect that you may have forgotten to write down? FlashTrack™ assures that you collect all the information the first time around. The icons will not change from Orange to Black unless you satisfy all the required attributes.

Complete label installation

After the job has returned from the engineer, it’s time for you or your customer to install all the labels. From my experience, there are always a few that just can’t be found, and the customer is left to track them down. FlashTrack™ allows you to associate photographs with each cataloged item. This is beneficial in two key ways: first, the engineer (who may not have been on site) can get a better idea of how the system is laid out; and second, a report can be printed showing each device by location with its item name. This report will cut your installation time down by about 30%!

Change Management

The standard requires you to update your analysis with each renovation or change you do. FlashTrack™ can be used to document, track and assure quality control for your program.

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