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Electrical Preventive Maintenance

Like our arc flash training programs, our electrical preventative maintenance programs are completely designed to fit your team’s needs. Our expert staff will work closely with your site supervisors to ensure that you get the program you need to stay up to date and safe. We’ll determine whether you need s scheduled or predictive maintenance program and help you set one up for your facility. We can also help you determine whether your team would benefit from NFPA 70E training or one of our arc flash training programs. Additionally, we can teach you about our arc flash data collection software if you choose to implement it on your team. Facility Results is your one stop shop for electrical preventative maintenance, arc flash data collection, and compliance training!

See more details below about our electrical preventative maintenance programs and our arc flash training programs. Help your team be safe and efficient on the job with a training program from Facility Results!

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Scheduled Electrical Maintenance

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To ensure maximum performance and prevent unexpected production delays or extended downtimes, you want to ensure your electrical equipment is properly maintained. Regularly scheduled electrical maintenance and testing, whether based on equipment manufacturer recommendations or historical site experience, can actually save you dollars—and headaches—in the long run. We create a customized plan for electrical maintenance frequency based on your budget.

Facility Results offers energized and de-energized scheduled maintenance and testing services, including the following:

  • Visual and mechanical circuit breaker inspections
  • Thermographic inspection of all connections
  • Ultrasonic surveys to identify pre-incident arcing, tracking, and corona
  • Inspecting and cleaning electrical equipment
  • Dielectric insulation certification
  • Linkage and lubrication adjustments

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Predictive Electrical Maintenance

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Predictive electrical maintenance places more emphasis on predicting when repairs are going to be needed rather than repairing equipment on a time-based schedule. Using predictive electrical maintenance practices based on NETA and NFPA 70B standards, the Facility Results team regularly assists our client companies in identifying problem areas before they lead to imminent or catastrophic failure.

Effective predictive electrical maintenance depends on highly trained personnel and state-of-the-art diagnostic monitoring equipment, and Facility Results has both. We use a combination of visual inspection, infrared diagnostic meters, and ultrasonic inspections to perform energized and de-energized testing. We create a customized predictive maintenance plan for each electrical system in your facility, based on equipment condition, environment, the need for reliability, and your budget.

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Other Services for Electrical Maintenance and Testing

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Following is a list of other electrical maintenance and testing services offered by Facility Results:

  • AC/DC High Potential Testing
  • Battery Load Testing
  • Calibrating/Testing Protective Relays
  • Contact Resistance Testing
  • Control Wiring Modifications and Troubleshooting
  • Generator Load Testing
  • Ground Fault Testing
  • Insulation Resistance Testing
  • New Construction Acceptance Testing
  • Power Quality Monitoring
  • Retrofitting/Reconditioning Circuit Breakers
  • Switchgear/Switchboard Testing
  • Transformer Insulating Fluid Filtration
  • Transformer Turns Ratio Testing
  • Underground Utility Locations

Energized and De-energized Electrical Preventive Maintenance

Infrared Thermography Performed by Facility Results

Infrared, ultrasonic electrical maintenance

Thermography detects thermal (i.e., infrared) energy not visible to the human eye. Facility Results’ Infrared Thermographer is Certified Level III and specializes in detecting thermal energy in electrical equipment. Using a state-of-the-art infrared camera combined with a visual inspection for discoloration, webbing/tracking, and burned insulation, our Thermographer can successfully locate bad connections, overloaded circuits, and overheating equipment before these can cause outages.

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Ultrasonic Testing Performed by Facility Results

Infrared, ultrasonic electrical maintenance

Ultrasonic testing enables our technician to hear arcing, tracking, or corona before these become severe enough for even an infrared camera to pick up. With our ultrasonic testing equipment we can detect anomalies between 15‒25 kHz.As an analysis method, ultrasonic testing is desirable for both its non-destructive and non-contact qualities in energized maintenance and testing.


Infrared, ultrasonic electrical maintenance oil testing

Transformer Oil Gas Analysis Performed by Facility Results

Transformer Oil Gas Analysis (TOGA) is imperative for maintaining the internal health of transformers within your electrical system. By examining gases in transformer oil, we can first determine a baseline and then regularly test to detect combustible gases before they lead to a catastrophic failure. TOGA testing does not necessarily require de-energizing the transformer.

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