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Training Overview

Facility Results is focused on one goal: to educate your team on reducing exposure to hazards, arc flash safety, and the most up to date industry regulations. Our training programs can help you and your team be productive, proactive about your arc flash training, and most importantly, stay alive.

Arc flash is a reality that occurs, on average, five to ten times a day. More than 2,000 workers a year are treated for severe burn injuries related to arc flash, with average hospitalizations of 19 days at costs that can exceed $18,000/day1.


Our trainers are experts in OSHA standards, including how to best apply standards in NFPA 70E training, but also in how to reduce hazards and keep workers on the job.

At Facility Results, we recognize that you want to run your business and keep worker safe, employed, and profitable. That’s why our arc flash training programs are designed to be practical and capitalize on every minute of training. We understand that time away from the job is money, but our solutions are well worth the time spent in the classroom.

We gear our arc flash safety programs on not only being knowledge your employees can use, but also provide the information in interesting ways. In other words, we don’t put people to sleep! Managers, supervisors, engineers, contractors and every employee in between have left our arc flash and NFPA 70E training programs knowing something they didn’t before. They also end up with new knowledge that keeps them efficient and safe on the job.

Facility Results expert trainers travel the country to deliver training courses that help businesses and contractors to comply with national safety standards and requirements. Following are the courses we can deliver on-site at your workplace:

In addition, Facility Results offers regional, half-day workshops on the correct and efficient use of NFPA 70E. These are open-seating workshops offered in medium-sized cities and major metropolitan areas around the country. Advance reservations are required.

1Source: “Common Electrical Hazards in the Workplace Including Arc Flash.” Workplace Safety Awareness Council. www.osha.gov

Our training programs are designed to send compliant Qualified Workers back on the floor or back to the field quickly and safely so they can put their newfound knowledge to work.