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Instructor Spotlight

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Charles Miller

Charles Miller is a master electrician, business owner, author, instructor, and talk-show host. He has focused much of his career promoting knowledge and proficiency among engineers, electricians, and tradesmen in the field. He has been an active NFPA 73 committee member since 2009. Now with Facility Results, he continues to instruct and train across the country, with an emphasis on electrical safety.

Charles began his career doing general electrical work for contractors. Within three years he opened his own commercial electrical contracting business and spent twenty years as a successful business owner and contractor. Since then, Charles has focused his time and energy on writing, teaching, and even co-hosting a home improvement radio talk show.

Charles has passed more than 40 Master Electrical Exams (with a score of 93 or higher) and 7 Electrical Inspector Exams. His most current work as an author and illustrator includes the following publications:

  • “Code In Focus” column for Electrical Contractor magazine (1999–present)
  • Pocket Guide to Residential Electrical Installations (NFPA, 2001-present)
  • Pocket Guide to Commercial and Industrial Electrical Installations (NFPA, 2001-present)
  • Illustrated Guide to the National Electrical Code (Thomson Delmar Learning, 1999 – present)
  • Revision of Ugly’s™ Electrical Safety and NFPA 70E (Jones and Bartlett Learning, 2011)

Other publication highlights include:

  • The Electrician’s Exam Prep Manual (Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2007)
  • NFPA’s Pocket Electrical References (Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2007)
  • NFPA’s Electrical References (NFPA, 2004)
  • NEIS Standard for Installing Residential Generator Sets (NECA, 2004)
  • Introduction to the NEC video (Thomson Delmar Learning, 2002)
  • Electrician’s Exam Preparation Course Online (Thomson Delmar Learning, 2001)

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Steve Moore

Stephen Moore is a highly recognized industry expert and instructor with credentialing that only a handful of people carry. With over 25 years of experience as a degreed electrician and as a Level III thermographer, he is a much-sought-after instructor and a published writer.

As a consultant over the past 17 years, Steve has used his thermographer skills to assist his large corporate clients in saving millions of dollars by avoiding unnecessary fines and costly electrical hazards.

His teaching method is straightforward and to-the-point, and he addresses the science of thermography with knowledgeable insight based on experience.

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Ed Nuttmann

Ed Nuttmann has more than 30 years of real-world experience in occupational health and safety. He is a field expert and instructor that provides consulting services to a variety of industries across the country on all aspects of compliance, accident prevention, and loss-control methodology. In addition, Ed consults on MIOSHA and OSHA standards and appeals.

Ed is an appointed representative on safety standard advisory committees for writing and amending MIOSHA standards for the following:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Welding and cutting tools
  • Handling and storage of materials
  • Fall protection

Among his many degrees, Ed holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from Wayne State University, where his love of teaching began. In addition to conducting corporate occupational health and safety training, he shares his knowledge by teaching at local colleges. He is an instructor at Eastern Michigan University where he taught Occupational Health and Safety as well as Construction and Manufacturing in Safety/Loss Control.

Ed is also a Safety Training Consultant for the Department of Labor as well as the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Bureau, where he developed and conducted training.

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Instructor Spotlight
Travis Perry

Travis Perry is an outstanding instructor with more than 15 years of experience providing “boots on the ground” training. After earning degrees in Psychology, Travis made a significant career change to become an electrician, where he quickly rose to the level of master electrician.

During his time in the field, he has personally witnessed arc flash accidents involving several fellow electricians. From his experiences, Travis gained a passion for preventative safety training, and he teaches every class with the goal of giving his students the tools needed to ensure they can head home at the end of the work day.

His expert base of knowledge in safety compliance and his personal approach to training enable him to effectively deliver important safety concepts while keeping his classes fun and interactive.

As a much sought-after instructor, Travis teaches across the country and at a local university in his home state where he teaches:

  • NFPA 70E
  • NFPA 70B
  • NFPA 780
  • NFPA 79
  • NFPA 110
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Cynthia Rupert

Cynthia L. Rupert is a compliance expert and instructor. After obtaining her B.S. degree in Safety and Environmental Management she worked for many years in the private industry before moving on to the Virginia Department of Labor & Industry, Occupational Safety & Health Program.

Cindy spent close to a decade with VOSH, where she held several key positions, such as Safety & Health Compliance Officer, Senior Safety Engineer, and Safety and Health Compliance Manager. Today Cindy travels across the United States sharing her vast knowledge of safety based upon her years of combined compliance experience in private industry and government.

Cindy’s past expertise and special recognitions include:

  • Conducting construction worksite inspections and general industry worksite inspections to identify violations of OSHA regulations
  • Training, supervising, and evaluating Safety & Health Compliance Officers
  • Conducting informal conferences with employers to settle violation cases
  • Reviewing abatement documentation submitted by employers
  • Being named a “Top Performer” in VOSH enforcement for FY2004‒FY2009
  • Serving as Team Leader on several Virginia Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) audit teams
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