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Media Information

April 1, 2014 Media Information

Plymouth-Based Facility Results’ FlashTrack™ Safety Product
Wins 2014 Product of the Year in Software Design
Plymouth, Michigan. April 1, 2014

On March 18, 2014, Electrical Construction and Maintenance (EC&M) magazine announced that Facility Results’ FlashTrack™ product won the publication’s “2014 Product of the Year” award in the Software Design category.

FlashTrack is a software tool used by electricians and engineers to catalog, document, and capture required electrical nameplate information for an arc flash analysis. In other words, it’s a tool used to help ensure the safety of workers who come into contact with electrical components that can cause dangerous and sometimes deadly arc flash incidents. The EC&M Product of the Year contest, which was established in 2000, aims to “recognize excellence in new product development for the electrical industry.” In this year’s competition, Over 200 entries were evaluated by 16 judges who are electrical professionals in the engineering, contracting, plant facilities, and plant maintenance industries.

FlashTrack has been used to help protect workers against arc flash accidents in company facilities such as Tower Automotive, The Environmental Quality Company (EQ), and Johnson Controls, to name a few. According to Bryan Rupert, co-founder and lead consultant at Facility Results of Plymouth, MI, “This EC&M award is a huge honor for our company, especially considering the judges are from industries where FlashTrack can have the biggest impact. To be recognized nationally like this, by peers from within our target market, is phenomenal!”

“After 15 years of overseeing this competition, it never ceases to amaze me how many pioneering products are introduced to the market each year,” exclaimed Editor in Chief Mike Eby from EC&M magazine. “Congratulations on being included among the ‘best of the best,’ and thank you for your ongoing commitment to developing products that help those of us in the electrical industry perform our jobs faster, more efficiently, more profitably, and—most important—safer.”

This is the second prestigious industry award Facility Results has garnered for its FlashTrack product, since the product was first introduced in 2012. As the winning entry for the Software Design category in the EC&M competition, FlashTrack will be recognized in a showcase publication that will be distributed with upcoming issues of Electrical Construction and Maintenance Magazine and Electrical Wholesaling Magazine.

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June 24, 2013 Media Information

FlashTrack Wins in First-Ever, ISHN-Sponsored Readers’ Choice Awards for Industrial Safety
Plymouth, Michigan. June 24, 2013

On June 19, 2013, Industrial Safety and Hygiene News (ISHN) announced that Facility Results’ FlashTrack™ product won the publication’s first-ever Readers’ Choice award in the category of “Signs, Labels, and Tags.”

According to the ISHN, the objective of the contest was to provide recognition for the “technological advances” and “today’s most innovative personal protection equipment (PPE) and safety products.” Thousands of ISHN subscribers participated in the award decisions by casting their votes online between March 1 and May 1 of this year.

Assuming that many of those who voted in the “Signs, Labels, and Tags” category recognize the challenge of balancing the cost of keeping workers safe with the need for tighter budgets, FlashTrack’s ability to save companies and independent contractors time and money proved to be a standout. According to Bryan Rupert, co-founder and lead consultant at Facility Results, was extremely proud, but not surprised, to learn that his company’s product had come out on top in the ISHN voting. “We have FlashTrack™ users reporting electrical safety label installations that are up to 30 percent faster due to FlashTrack’s industry-first label installation reporting feature. Employees and contractors can confidently and quickly install arc flash labels by using the photos, documented equipment names, and label install locations that are all conveniently captured using FlashTrack™.”

As the winning entry for its category, FlashTrack™ will be recognized in the August issue of Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, and Facility Results will receive a glass award commemorating its category achievement.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2012 Media Information

Facility Results Branches Out Across the Country with NFPA 70E Workshops –
Plymouth, Michigan. September 18, 2012

Safety knows no bounds, which is why Facility Results is taking its popular NFPA 70E Workshop on the road, beginning this month. Through partnerships with local businesses at various Workshop destinations across the country, Facility Results is spreading the word on the correct and efficient use of NFPA 70E for identifying and minimizing hazards due to electrical shock and arc flash in the workplace. This month, Facility Results is headed to Las Vegas where the company will partner with Stetson Electric of North Las Vegas to deliver a NFPA 70E Workshop on September 28.

The introduction of these four-hour, open-seating workshops marks a major expansion in Facility Results’ training efforts, which have previously focused on company-hosted, site-specific training. Now in cities across the country, from east to west, individuals and companies can sign up to attend these regional, on-demand workshops as they are scheduled throughout the year.

“Most employers and contractors want to stay current on the NFPA 70E standard, but not all can afford the time and expense of bringing consultants into their places of business,” explains Bryan Rupert, co-founder and lead consultant at Facility Results. “These regional Workshops are an excellent and affordable way for individuals and companies to stay on top of new and changing electrical safety specifications in the standard and in the field.”

Each NFPA 70E Workshop is delivered by two Facility Results trainers. All of the company’s trainers have extensive backgrounds in workplace safety and hands-on experience in subject matter ranging from the interaction of NFPA 70E and OSHA…to recognizing hazardous risk categories…to explaining the intent and limitations of personal protective equipment (PPE)…and more. Most importantly, a major part of Facility Results’ business is training and consulting, so Workshop trainers have what it takes to garner the attention and respect of workshop attendees who range from novice to very experienced.

AUGUST 29, 2012 Media Information

Facility Results Expands Its Safety Training Team and Continues to Promote More Knowledge for Less Flash
– Plymouth, Michigan. August 29, 2012

The goal of the trainers and training at Facility Results is to educate employees to effectively reduce their exposure to occupational hazards, especially those due to arc flash. To that end, the company has recently expanded its training team to include safety veteran and OSHA expert Cindy Rupert of Ravenswood, WV.

Rupert, who has a long safety career including almost ten years as a manager and engineer with the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry, has hit the road running for Facility Results. She has already delivered NFPA 70E courses in Atlanta and Tulsa since she came on board with the company in June.

“Throughout my years of experience on the government side, I worked hard to balance the requirement for compliance with an understanding of what it takes to succeed on the business side. That’s a perspective my students and Facility Results’ clients, in general, can appreciate,” explains Rupert.

Rupert joins an established team of five other trainers at Facility Results, where they’ve been delivering the latest in practical and consistent methods for achieving occupational safety since the company was founded in 2009. Best known for its courses in the NFPA 70E electrical safety standard, the company also offers OSHA training, including Lockout/Tagout and Confined Space Assessment.

Offering combined safety experience totaling more than 60 years, the trainers at Facility Results have delivered more than 120 training sessions over the past three years to businesses across the country, ranging from Tier One manufacturing suppliers to research and development firms and waste management companies.

“We’ve had Facility Results conduct multiple 70E trainings here,” says David Krisko, Facilities Manager for Lotus Engineering’s Ann Arbor, MI, location. “Regardless of how much we think we know when they come here to do the training, we always learn something new and useful. We use a lot of electricity, and I can think of multiple situations where things we learned from Facility Results helped us to avoid upwards of $100,000 in unexpected downtime.”

AUGUST 10, 2012 Media Information

Facility Results’ New FlashTrack™ Software—Designed to save lives, this Arc Flash Analysis software is also easy on the budget – Plymouth, Michigan.

August 10, 2012—Facility Results introduces FlashTrack™, the company’s flagship software system designed to save lives by offering a more complete and affordable solution for performing arc flash analyses. FlashTrack is the only software product of its kind that addresses a problem every electrical contractor is confronted with: how to catalog, document, and capture all required electrical nameplate information to ensure a facility safe from the personal dangers and production hindrances of hazardous arc blasts.

In June, Facility Results began limited marketing of FlashTrack™—a one-of-a kind tool for the entire arc flash analysis life cycle, from data collection through label installation to ongoing change management. Now, with the software readily available from the company’s website, it has attracted a notable list of customers, including, but not limited to, a major Tier 1 automotive supplier, a local community college, a major waste management corporation, and various electrical contractors—some with as many as 150 electricians in the field and others with as few as one or two.

“Our appeal to both large companies and small businesses is one of the reasons we’re a strong contender for this year’s Showstopper award at the 2012 NECA Show in Vegas in September,” explains Bryan Rupert, co-founder and lead consultant at Facility Results. “We have customers who have confirmed time savings of up to 30 percent on data collection and label installation alone. Some of our contractor customers have even reported profits of up to 60 percent compared to their previous methods for arc flash analysis.”

Matco Electric Corporation is a 40+ year old specialty contractor firm in New York state, with average sales volumes of $25 million annually over the last ten years. Matco is also a FlashTrack™customer. “The tool was easy to learn from the beginning and it’s even easier with recent upgrades they’ve introduced,” explains Matco TEGG Technician Brian Connors, who regularly works with FlashTrack™ in the field. “The resulting one-line diagrams are great, but even better is how easily we can save these and modify them when we need to—without redrawing. In the couple months we’ve been using FlashTrack™, we’ve noticed way fewer callbacks from our engineering team because we’re no longer missing information when we submit the drawings.”

Facility Results offers FlashTrack™ through a unique marketing model that includes free downloads of the data collection front end—a drag-and-drop, Windows-based system with intuitive, drop-down menus, convenient component libraries, and plenty of keyboard shortcuts. Pricing for the back-end analysis is available on a per-point basis or through a multi-year lease arrangement.