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Hazard/Risk Category (HRC) Assessment

Hazard/Risk Category HRC Assessment

A Hazard Risk Category (HRC) Assessment or NFPA 70E table-based solution for labeling equipment to reflect associated hazards/risks

Facility Results offers Hazard Risk Category (HRC) Assessment as an alternative to a costly electrically engineered service for hazard identification and risk assessments.

The HRC Assessment is a table-based solution designed to take into account the following electrical hazard/risk tables published by the NFPA:

  • 130.4(C)(a): Approach Boundaries ‒ Alternating Current
  • 130.4(C)(b): Approach Boundaries ‒ Direct Current
  • 130.7(C)(15)(a): Hazard/Risk Category Classifications ‒ Alternating Current
  • 130.7(C)(15)(b): Hazard/Risk Category Classifications ‒ Direct Current
  • 130.7(C)(16): Protective Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment

As part of the Hazard Risk Category (HRC) Assessment, Facility Results will conduct an onsite evaluation, catalog and inventory all equipment, and label each designated piece according to class and voltage. At most facilities, this HRC Assessment can be completed in five (5) business days for a fraction of the cost and time of an engineered arc flash analysis.

This service is the most cost-effective and time-efficient process for implementing a Hazard Risk Category compliance solution, provided that your power distribution system meets the necessary fault current limitations and device clearance specifications outlined in the latest revision of NFPA 70E.

Many companies, large and small, are going down this road for compliance to meet the OSHA & NFPA regulations that are required by all employers. This HRC Assessment is an accepted approach and is being used along with site-specific qualified worker training and personal protective equipment. Allow Facility Results to work with your facility to start you on the road to arc flash compliance. Facility Results has developed proprietary cataloging software and a fluid process to bring your facility into compliance in less time than you would expect and less cost than you could ever dream of.


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