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FlashTrack™- Arc Flash Data Collection Software

Achieve fast, efficient arc flash data collection and label installation with FlashTrack™! Professionals can catalog, document, and stay up to date with all of the required nameplate information. Arc Flash safety is easy with FlashTrack™!

Not only can you ensure safety from arc blasts, you can also save time and money with FlashTrack™. With this arc flash data collection software, you can get accurate data on the first trip. With a drag and drop tool, your team can cut down on installation time and be compliant with arc flash safety standards.

Keep your entire team safe with Facility Result’s arc flash training programs. We’re the leader in the industry, so you can rest assured that your team is getting the most up to date information. Our arc flash training programs complement our data collection software for the best results. See more about the product below or contact us for more information!

Arc Flash Data Collection Interface Image

FlashTrack™ Interface

In-house Safety:

Safety specialists, engineers, and electricians—anyone whose job it is to oversee electrical safety onsite—can rest assured that, as they model the system, FlashTrack™ validates the input and ensures each component value is completely captured and defined.

 Arc Flash Data Collection Tutorials Image

FlashTrack™ Video Tutorials


No more scheduling return trips to gather missing information — FlashTrack™ ensures you gather what you need the first time. Contractors report profit increases of as much as 60% thanks to the time savings and process efficiencies of using FlashTrack™ on the job.

 Arc Flash Data Collection Download Image

Download FlashTrack™


FlashTrack™ is fully compliant with electrical engineering software tools like SKM Power*Tools, EasyPower, ETAP, ARCAD, and more. In addition, for those businesses that don’t have access to engineering back-end tools or staff, Facility Results offers three levels of Compliance Analysis Services.

EVERYONE benefits from the convenience and efficiency of using FlashTrack™!