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FlashTrack™ Interface

FlashTrack’s™ simple, drag-n-drop interface is one of its biggest selling points. Couple that with the tool’s intuitive, drop-down menus, convenient component libraries, and keyboard shortcuts, and you’ll be up and running with FlashTrack in minutes!

FlashTrack’s™ IInterface

FlashTrack™ is an award winning data collection software tool (ISHN Reader Choice 2013). FlashTrack™ was developed for the purpose of collecting the required equipment attributes that are needed to conduct an arc flash analysis. These same attributes can be used to complete a coordination study or short circuit analysis. FlashTrack™ allows the qualified data collector to model equipment relationships using a drag-n-drop interface. FlashTrack™ is used to catalog the attributes in the format of a single-line diagram. FlashTrack™ exports the completed files to an Excel file (.xls) or CSV file and produces a “Label Installation Report” containing the location of each item that requires a label to be installed. This report can have up to 4 photographs per item for easier item location. The label installation report will save you time and money and eliminate frustration when locating each piece of equipment.

FlashTrack™ is the only software interface that allows for uniformed arc flash data collection. FlashTrack™ is compatible with SKM Power*Tools, EasyPower, ETAP, ARCAD and many more. Managing change at a facility over time is no longer a problem, FlashTrack™ allows the users to update, add, or delete equipment in real-time to remain compliant with OSHA’s & NFPA’s requirements.

FlashTrack™ is easy to learn; Facility Results arc flash data collection experts can have a qualified worker completely efficient with the software interface in under an hour. Our trainers work with you via web conference to uncover all the tricks and shortcuts so you can maximize your gross profits.

FlashTrack™ was developed for PCs and Tablets with the following operating systems: Windows Vista, 7, or 8.