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FlashTrack™ Change Management Compliance Tool

Management Compliance Tool

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Here at Facility Results we truly care about servicing our clients. We listen and determine the obstacles that may stand in the way of your company’s compliance and create tools and services to help you!

Over the course of a year many electrical changes occur in your facility. To Keeping track of each of them and correctly documenting complicated information needed to update an existing study is often difficult, time consuming, and costly. That’s why Facility Results created FlashTrack™.

FlashTrack™ is the only Change Management Compliance Software of its kind.It provides the necessary tools to KEEP YOUR WORKERS SAFE, SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY, and BECOME OR REMAIN COMPLIANT!

And it can be yours for FREE!

How it Will Help YOU:

•Your internal employees or subcontractors will be able to document and verify changes as they happen in real time.

•You are assured that the necessary data required to update your facility via arc flash analysis is captured and properly cataloged.

•You will oversee this well-documented compliance process with customized tools – regular reporting, reminder alerts and easy to follow dashboards.

•You will be provided with your own “Project at a Glance” web-based client portal – a real-time arc flash compliance tool.

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