Fatal Statistics

Safety is being properly prepared, educated, staying alert, qualified and understanding the hazard category involved so that the risk can be eliminated or at least reduced to a manageable level. This is true! However, simply put, it is making sure you make it home to your family at the end of each work day.

The numbers are staggering. The U.S. averages 3,600 disabling injuries per year; over 2,000 employees sent to burn centers due to electrical burns; and 1 person dies due to electrocution in the work place each day.

Statistics show that worker survival rates from 2nd degree burns decrease as they age. As we know, the body heals slower and has a decreased ability to fight off infections as we age

Fatal Statistics - Chances of Survival with second degree burns chart

Here you see the 25-34 year age range with the highest fatality. Perhaps this group has just enough experience that they feel comfortable with their work environment and may take greater risks.

Fatal Statistics - Fatalities by age charts

Below you see the number of deaths per year based upon their working voltage. It may be surprising to see that the 120V has the highest fatalities. This is a good reminder to us all that even though the voltage is lower it doesn’t mean it is any less dangerous. In fact, people often become complacent with 120V.

Fatal Statistics - Low Voltage Fatalities charts

The numbers are here to remind us all that we are not invincible. We need to make each and every day a Safe Day!

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