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Engineer-Assisted Incident Energy Analysis

Engineer-Assisted Incident Energy Analysis

Maximize your internal resources by combining them with FlashTrack™ for data collection and a behind-the-scenes engineer-assisted energy analysis from Facility Results.

Perform an Engineer-Assisted Incident Energy Analysis by arming your internal resources with FlashTrack™, the #1 software tool in the industry for arc flash data collection. Combine this with engineer-assisted energy analysis by Facility Results, and the result is a masterful 1-2 punch for achieving compliance!

    • Data Collection: Control costs by using your own resources or contractors to collect data, with the help of FlashTrack™.
    • Energy Analysis: Upload the data to Facility Results, where their licensed, Professional Engineers will perform a complete and accurate energy analysis and generate comprehensive one-line reports and all required labels.
    • Label Installation: Upon receiving the energy analysis
      reports and labels, you can once again realize in-house savings by using your resources (internal or contract) to label all equipment using labels and a comprehensive Label Installation Report. Facility Results offers the only such report in the industry, complete with up to four images to aid in placement of each label.
    • And More… Optional reports are available, including a Coordination Study for coordinating protected equipment and/or a Mitigation Study for decreasing hazard levels.

An Engineer-Assisted Arc Flash Analysis is the most cost effective approach to conducting an engineered arc flash analysis. Allow Facility Results to help your company take control of the OSHA & NFPA’s regulations that are now required by all facilities. Facility Results has the experience and know how to work with you to provide all the personal training and support you will need to be successful … before, during, and after you start your program Facility Results will be there with you.

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