Electrical Safety Poster – Carry On and Wear Your Arc Flash Protection

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Carry On and Wear Your Arc Flash Protection

Electrical Safety Poster

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Carry On And Wear Your Arc Flash Protection
These FREE electrical safety poster downloads are intended to promote safety in the workplace. They inform, educate, and alert qualified workers, their management, and safety professionals about the hazards of electricity where they work. We encourage you to print multiple copies of these posters and job aids. They are most effective when laminated or inserted in a durable, transparent cover and kept clean and legible.
Display these posters and job aids prominently anywhere where electrical equipment is present and electrical safety should be a concern. Some examples include: on or near switchboards, panelboards, industrial control panels, meter socket enclosures, and motor control centers that are in other than dwelling units and are likely to require examination, adjustment, servicing, or maintenance while energized (See: NEC 110.16).
In addition, these free downloads can be effective when posted or distributed in electrical rooms, electrical vaults, electrical yards, maintenance rooms, production areas, high bays, shipping and receiving areas, locker rooms, lunchrooms, clinics, and break areas.
NOTE: Posters, process diagrams, newsletters, and quick references do NOT take the place of actual qualified worker training by a knowledgeable and experienced trainer. In some cases other documents, standards, or regulation documentation will be needed for further reference. Some downloads contain material that could become obsolete and may be superseded by a more current standard, regulation, law, or process. Keep the intended audience in mind; in some cases, these posters may need to be translated. In all cases, the material is under copyright to Facility Results and cannot be duplicated, changed, or manipulated without written authority from Facility Results. By downloading these materials, you have agreed to hold harmless Facility Results and its affiliates.
To contact Facility Results, email us at info@FacilityResults.com or call us at 888-762-0090. Send inquiries to PO Box 6741, Plymouth, MI 48170.

Electrical Safety Poster – Carry On And Wear Your Arc Flash Protection

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