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Welcome to – the leader in electrical safety and reliability solutions, training, services, and products. We offer a variety of different arc flash safety training programs, services, and our award-winning FlashTrack™ software so you and your team stay safe on the job.

The dangers of arc flash are real in the workplace – more than 2,000 workers a year are treated for burns related to arc flash-related incidents. Our goal at Facility Results to make sure that you and your team are educated on how to prevent workplace injuries and hazards from happening so that everyone can do their job in an effective, productive, and safe manner.

In addition to our arc flash training programs, we also offer award-winning arc flash data collection software called FlashTrack™ to help index all electrical nameplate information so that your workplace is safe from arc flash related injuries. From making sure that all of your labels are installed correctly to capturing a photographic record of each asset, our FlashTrack™ data collection software can help you maintain safety on the job and help to prevent arc flash incidents from occurring.

Still have questions about our onsite arc flash training programs or software? Contact us today to see how we can help you and your team stay safe on the job.

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Facility Results FlashTrack is used by hundreds of professionals in the field to achieve faster, more efficient arc flash data collection and label installation. Save time and money by gathering accurate data the first time using this convenient, drag-and-drop software tool. Eliminate rework and cut downstream label installation time by up to 30%. And yes, free Facility Results downloads are available!

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Facility Results training programs and regional workshops focus on educating employees and contractors to effectively reduce exposure to occupational hazards, especially those due to arc flash. To remain profitable, contractors and employees need to be productive and safe. That’s why we at Facility Results offer practical, targeted courses on Electrical Safety, Electrical Maintenance, and Lockout/Tagout that capitalize on every minute spent in the classroom.

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